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Reviewer Attachments in ScoreSheets

Please change the way the Reviewer Attachment Uploads are handled. Currently, when a reviewer uploads their review as an attachment (IE- PDF or Doc) they must click "Save as Draft" followed by "Submit" in order for their attachment to make it through to the Editors and then Authors. This is not ideal as the attachment shows clearly to the Reviewer that it was uploaded but if they skip the step "Save as Draft" and move straight to "Submit" the attachment fails to send. Please either remove the step "Save as Draft" or blur out "Submit" until they click "Save as Draft". This will avoid many issues with editors and authors asking for missing reviews, adminsitrators receiving emails that the review that the reviewer generously submitted is missing/asking the reviewers who are unaware that there attachment didn't make it in the system to resend. Thank you!
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 30 2016
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