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Time Out Revision Baded on Author's Time Zone

Hi Scholar One, Currently, authors cannot submit their revisions if they attempt to submit the day the revision is due, but it has already reached midnight at ScholarOne's headquarters. I frequently receive requests to extend due dates for very brief periods when this happens. Authors also get rather frustrated with this. It would be great if deadlines could be triggered based on the time zone where the author lives and not the time zone where Scholar One's headquarters is. If you could make this happen, that would be great. Also, before anyone comments about this, I always extend deadlines 2 days longer than an author originally requests, then I tell the author the date they actually request. I do this to attempt avoiding this issue when authors ask for due date extensions. This doesn't work, however, if the author attempts to submit their revision by the deadline stated in their decision letter and reminders, but the system times out before they can do this the day it is due. Thank you for any help you can offer, Shauna Miller
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 30 2016
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  • Felipe Nievinski commented
    13 Oct, 2021 05:33pm

    This is what I got from support, hope it might help:

    So what happens here is that the system calculates the due date as October 5th 11:59 PM EST (on Manuscript ID: BCG-2021-0021.R1.), and then due to the time zone settings this translates onto the document as October 6th 4:59 AM GMT . When the decision letter is generated, the ##AUTHOR_DUE_DATE## tag then pulls the date from the document, where it is already translated to October 6th 5:49 AM GMT. Thus, the date which will appear in the decision letter is October 6th.
    This is what is misleading to the authors, as they are led to believe that they will have time until midnight, however, the revision option expires on 4:59 AM GMT (11:59 EST the date before, which is the actual due date).
    The possible solution for this would be to change the timezone settings on the site to EST. That way the ##AUTHOR_DUE_DATE## will display the actual EST date. So, the actual date will be generated accordingly in the decision letter (nevertheless the expiration time will still be EST).

    To make things worse, the implementation above contradicts the system documentation, which says:

    What time of day does the option to submit a revision or resubmission expire?
    The option to submit a revision or resubmission will expire at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time on the due date.

    Tech support pointed me to Scholar One Ideas, so here I am, just noticing the original enhancement suggestion has been submitted five years ago.

  • commented
    28 Aug, 2020 05:00am

    @Sven Molter, a lot of authors are Last Minute Person.. so i suppose , we could set a real due date which is later than the one we send to author.

    like the due day we inform to customer is Aug 28 , but the real time is Aug 29

    Then, it will resolve this kind of problem much easily.

  • Daniel Sorin commented
    19 Aug, 2020 08:11pm

    I get this problem frequently and would love to see it fixed. Thanks!

  • Guest commented
    2 Dec, 2019 03:37am

    Still confused about time zone. At least please clearly mention the time zone accurately.

  • Caroline Ashford-Bentley commented
    4 Jan, 2019 09:31am

    Still having this issue in 2019. Reported to support and told to submit a new idea, only to find it's already an idea and has been for years. 

  • commented
    20 Mar, 2017 08:34am

    I hope this improvement is coming soon. I get this problem frequently.

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