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Email tags that pull in reports on all previous versions of a manuscript, not just the most recent previous version

The existing email tags ##PREVIOUS_COMMENTS_TO_AUTHOR## and ##PREVIOUS_COMPLETE_REVIEW_SCORESHEETS## pull in the comments to author or complete scoresheets for the previous revision of the manuscript, but there are no tags that pull in scoresheets, comments, etc. from all previous revisions. If the above tags are used in an email on an R2 version of a manuscript, they only insert the comments/scoresheets from the R1 version; the comments from the original submission need to be pasted into the email manually. Separate email tags for, e.g. 'all previous versions complete review scoresheets' and 'most recent previous version complete review scoresheets' would be useful.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 30 2016
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