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Improvements to manuscript flags

Manuscript flags can be very useful, but the current functionality could be improved by: 1) Giving the admin the ability to define descriptions for flags (currently this can be done via config access only) 2) Improving reporting on flags (report on whether a paper has *any* flag on it rather than having to include all of them in a report in order to see if any of them have been turned on; include the date when a flag was set) 3) Adding some more descriptive symbols to make it easier to remember/visualise what certain flags stand for, such as: arrows question marks exclamation marks envelope / letter symbol telephone symbol numbers letters smiley / sad faces It might be useful to do a survey to see what are the most common things that flags are used for and then see if some appropriate symbols can be found to represent them?
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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  • Juanita Goossens-Roach commented
    28 May, 2020 01:02pm

    Further to the below comment: having the ability to change manuscript flag descriptors ourselves as admin would be great as we can keep these updated without having to burden the support team.

  • Alison Sage commented
    28 May, 2020 10:53am

    The ability for admin to define descriptions would be particularly useful for me and my colleagues: we are loathe to bother our overloaded support team with such things but the flags are extremely useful to us - both on manuscripts BUT ALSO on user records. We end up keeping a note of what we use the flags for separately, but then of course other people don't know what the flags mean. Being able to define them ourselves would be extremely useful.

  • Clare-Louise Douglas commented
    4 May, 2018 11:52am

    Reporting on flags is vital - who, when, who removed it, when etc. 

  • Elena Tranchant commented
    3 May, 2018 09:41am

    To add to this idea, it will also be useful to report on the user who added the flag to a manuscript.

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