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Author Details should include all papers on which person had an author role

Author Details, which lists manuscripts on which the person is a submitting and corresponding author, is missing the following key info: 1) Manuscripts on which the person is a co-author. 2) Manuscripts on which the person is the corresponding author BUT the manuscript was submitted by a submitting agent (not author). With regard to #2, it is beyond logic why a manuscript would be listed only under the submitting agent's author history, when that role clearly specifies that they are NOT an author.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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    28 Sep, 2021 01:32pm

    I think this would work well as a fourth additional tab specifically for papers where the author is a co-author or submitting author, but not a corresponding author. Then things do not get mixed up between corresponding and coauthored papers. The same way a person's author center has coauthored papers separate from corresponding.

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