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Bring back Auto-Fill of user names and passwords

Since the release of 4.19, I noticed that my user name and password are not longer saved in Chrome and Firefox, and I have found no way of changing the browser settings to switch on auto-fill for ScholarOne sites again. This has also been reported by some of our editorial offices and is a major hassle when accessing numerous ScholarOne sites many times every day. Apparently, this was intentional - see below th information I received when reporting this to ScholarOne Support.  PLEASE BRING AUTO-FILL BACK. It's such a pain having to re-enter login information every.single.time you try and get into a site. Major headaches here. =================================== 160624-0677330 - Saved Logins in Chrome are no longer populating in order to log in to S1M. Auto-fill/auto-complete issue.  Status: This change was intentional due to a security vulnerability. The auto-fill option has been disabled on the Login page.  On this one we're enacting code that is requested at a higher Thomson Reuters level. Some browsers respect the html attribute that controls whether the browser can perform auto-fill on a page. Some browsers don't respect it. It is up to the browser to decide how they support the html specification. Our security team has asked us to use the html attribute that tells the browser not to perform auto-fill on our login page and we have done so. Each browser seems to behave a little differently for this html attribute and their level of respect for the attribute has changed over time.  In the future, we may do more work to ensure that no browser can auto-fill.   
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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