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Calendar reminders for reviewers

It would be really useful if the system were able to incorporate a 'calendar reminder' functionality whereby when a reviewer accepted an invitation to review a manuscript, an email is sent to them to ask them if they wanted to put a reminder in their calendar for when the task is due. This would certainly be  helpful to reviewers and may serve to reduce the journal's response times if reviewers actually submitted their reports on time.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
  • Completed
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  • Guest commented
    27 Sep, 2019 08:03pm

    Reminders at both 6 and 12 hours seems excessive. I fear recipients will find that more annoying than helpful and not download the calendar entry. Maybe just one at 24 hours?

    When I send iCal invitations to my Editor at the same email address, they go to his Outlook calendar. When he receives these iCal attachments to a template, they go to iCal, which he doesn���t really use. Any idea how to get them to populate the right calendar?

    Thank you.

  • Admin
    Sven Molter commented
    26 Sep, 2019 01:57pm

    Hi All,

    The ical functionality has been released in 4.25.1. You may find details about the functionality in our release notes which are located here:


  • Guest commented
    22 Jul, 2019 11:58am

    HI Sven, Can you clarify your question "when do you want to see the reminder appear in your calendar?" I'm seeing responses from people that are treating "reminder" as a pre due-date prompt and suggesting a number of days in advance, etc. However, I thought you might mean what specific hours should the calendar be set for on the due date of the task, if the task is due at midnight. I agree that we shouldn't be sending calendar events set for midnight. I like the suggestion that it appears as an all-day event during the business hours of that person's timezone on the day that the task is due. Can the tool automatically adjust for timezones? Or at least have an option to allow the recipient to adjust the settings for their own calendar?

  • Guest commented
    19 Jul, 2019 09:12pm

    Would it be terribly hard to have dynamically generated ics where you could select a drop down (as is commonly available in calendars and reminder apps) for the alert period? Or if that is too complex, a selection of links ("add to my calendar and remind me a week in advance," remind me three days in advance, remind me a day in advance)? i agree it shouldn't be a particular time, just an all-day appointment. This would presumably be easier with multiple time zones anyway.

  • commented
    19 Jul, 2019 06:11pm

    I agree this would be helpful, as would similar functionality for authors of invited articles.

  • Caran Wilbanks commented
    19 Jul, 2019 03:32pm

    2 to 3 business days out is a good window for the reminder. If a reminder message shows up on a Saturday, the person might not see it until Monday.

  • commented
    19 Jul, 2019 02:08pm

    Not until the morning say 7 am

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    Publishing Editor, Journals
    Royal Society of Chemistry
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  • Guest commented
    19 Jul, 2019 01:53pm

    I think if it's a reminder, maybe 3 days before. If it's a calendar appointment, I'd say the 24 hours preceding the due date would be appropriate.

  • Sam Parker commented
    19 Jul, 2019 01:24pm

    If we're sending this as an .ics file, instead of having this as a set time could we have this as an All-day event for the day of the deadline?

  • Simona Ciriello commented
    19 Jul, 2019 01:18pm

    This function would be indeed very useful. I think the reminder could be 24h before the deadline. 

    Hope this will happen soon.

  • Admin
    Sven Molter commented
    19 Jul, 2019 12:55pm

    Hi All,

    Sorry for the delay in responding here everyone. We're actively developing this functionality, as with all development schedules items get moved around a bit, but this is still a high priority item. Happy to report there are people much smarter than me pushing buttons and turning gears to bring this to reality. The matter of timing of the reminder came up as a question so thought I'd poll those following this idea. If the deadline for a task, like a review is at midnight, when do you expect the reminder to appear on you calendar?

    Appreciate the feedback!



  • commented
    17 Jan, 2019 10:16pm

    Are there any updates on this? We are looking forward to seeing this implemented! 

  • Guest commented
    15 Aug, 2018 07:00pm

    Hello! Any updates after Spring 2018 release has passed? Thank you!

  • commented
    17 Oct, 2017 07:13pm

    Thank you for your prompt reply!

  • Admin
    Sven Molter commented
    17 Oct, 2017 06:27pm


    We just met about this and we're hoping to have this out in our Spring 2018 release.


  • commented
    17 Oct, 2017 06:15pm

    Hi Sven,

    Per the email sent and the notification that this idea is now "Coming Soon", do you have a target release? Thanks!

  • Guest commented
    12 Oct, 2017 07:20pm

    Fantastic we really need it.

  • Diana Epstein commented
    12 Oct, 2017 12:11pm

    This would be a good idea!  We manage other journals on Aries Editorial Manager and this has helped the reviewers immensely-Scholar 1 - with 195 votes to implement - the competition has implemented this already....

  • Admin
    Sven Molter commented
    12 Oct, 2017 11:58am

    Appreciate the suggestions here. We are reviewing this suggestion but have no concrete plans, at this time, to add this to the product.

  • Sean Cash commented
    11 Oct, 2017 08:01pm

    Absolutely, this would be a great benefit. I think many reviewers are late with reviews because they forget they have them - anything that simplifies task tracking for our reviewers can make a big difference. This seems to be a fairly straightforward software feature that can be added with huge potential upside for some journals. Please include this!

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