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User Account Audit Trail

It would be really helpful to have a user account audit trail (or be able to report on it) showing: when an account was created when a specific role was added - and ended (I know we have the end date) who added and/or ended the role when the account has been modifed by the user It would be helpful for sites where they are author only on account creation but then reviewer role is added later - it would be good to know when and who. Also where other roles (such as AE, GE) are added and removed - who did this is great. I know the start date can be added for new roles, but this isn't always retained. Also if the role is ended, then the end date is removed to make the role active again, this isn't captured and it would help to give a clearer picture of the users role on the journal and their activity. It would be great also for sites where they started out giving everyone author and reviewer roles and then switched off the automatic reviewer role. If we could differentiate somehow between the automatically added reviewers and where the reviewer role was specifically given to a user that would be really helpful and it is something I am asked for frequently by Editors.  
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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  • Holly Farrell commented
    16 May, 2022 06:18pm

    An anniversary reminder would save Admins so much time. This should be closer to the top of the list!

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