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Prompt reviewers to check/complete their account details *after* they have completed a review

Currently, it is possible to get reviewers into the system in two different ways: 1) With a direct link from the "agreed" e-mail. This is great as it allows reviewers easy access to the system without user name, password or having to complete their account details, increasing the chance that a reviewer is willing to engage with the system in the first place. However, this means that many reviewer accounts that have been created by editors with only the minimum data (name and e-mail address) remain incomplete or out-of-date. 2) Via the login page, forcing them to log in with their user name and password, and prompting them to complete their account details before they can proceed to complete the review. This is potentially frustrating for reviewers who (rightly) feel they should not have to jump through all sorts of hoops before they can submit their review for the journal. Also, while forcing reviews whose account information is incomplete to complete this before they can access the manuscript, it does not promt reviewers whose account information is complete (i.e., all required fields have an answer) to check whether everything is *up to date*, again with the consequence of leaving many reviewer accounts with out-of-date information. I think it would be great to get the best of both worlds (and more) by adding a new bit of functionality which allows for prompting the reviewer to check/complete their account details *after* they have completed their review. This should work like this: * Reviewer gets into the system via direct link as now and completes the report. * On "Thank you page", it says "Thank you for submitting your review. Please take a moment to check your account information to ensure your details are complete and up-to-date." * The system then displays (on the same page) the reviewer's account information (fields for names, e-mail addresses, postal address, user name, any personal keywords), highlighting required fields as such and perhaps providing an "Edit" button right there to fix any wrong information or complete missing fields. * If there are any required fields that are empty, the reviewer should see a button to "Complete Account Details" at the bottom of the page as the highlighted "action" button (which takes them straight to the fields that need to be filled in). * If all required fields are completed, all the information should still be displayed so the reviewer can easily check if everything is up-to-date. But there should be two buttons: "Update Account Details" or "Account Details Are Up-to-date -- Close" Either way, the reviewer can always still close the browser window if they don't want to engage with this, but at least they would be prompted, and at a point where they have already completed the review, so it's not frustrating for them!
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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