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Building email address validation into the site in order to maintain user databases

It would be extremely useful if the email addresses provided for user accounts could be validated within the site.  This would have a very signfiicant impact on managing user databases because we would be able to easily locate accounts with bad email addresses.  If one could run a report to pull all accounts that have an invalid or bad email address or could just run a user search of some kind to locate accounts with bad email addresses, that would be fantastic.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
  • Completed
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  • Guest commented
    10 Oct, 2017 05:25am

    That would be wonderful.

  • Admin
    Sven Molter commented
    3 Nov, 2016 07:56pm

    We are adding format validation in our upcoming release in late November / early December. This formatting validation will ensure that all emails are formatted in a valid format and do not include embargoed special characters.  We will not add an email validation step that requires co-authors / potential reviewers to acknowledge the valid email address prior to being an active account. 

  • commented
    10 Oct, 2016 03:36pm

    I agree. Chasing authors who have provided wrong email addresses takes time.  It ought to be inconceivable that an author doesn't get the email addresses of co-authors right and yet it happens regularly.  I used to ignore them but as part of our checking that papers authors are not fraudulently adding unwitting co-author names, I am routinely writing to the authors asking them to provide new addresses, correcting our records and resending correspondence.  These authors ought to receive a message direct from ScholarOne to say that the e-mail address they have provided does not work.

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