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Reviewer Numbering in Decision Letter

I searched Ideas, and the FAQ site, and can't find anything about this. On a manuscript, we invited a reviewer. They accepted, and became "Reviewer 1." And returned their review. We invited two more reviewers to a manuscript. Both agreed. They became "Reviewer 2" and "Reviewer 3." Both Reviewer 2 and 3 did not return reviews in a timely fashion, so were unassigned. We invited another reviewer. He accepted, and became "Reviewer 4." When Reviewer 4 returned his review, and a decision letter was made on the paper, the ##COMMENTS_TO_AUTHOR## tag ended up generating this in the letter: Reviewer 1 comments blah blah blah (his review was more relevant than this) Reviewer 4 comments blah blah blah (pretty much sums up his review, ha ha) I know that myself or the EIC could have "reordered" the reviewers, to move Reviewer 4 into Reviewer 2's spot, but this is something that can get easily overlooked. The authors emailed, concerned that they didn't receive Reviewer 2 and Reviewer 3's comments. My suggestion is that if a reviewer is "unassigned" they lose their reviewer number, in the same sense that if a person declines a review, their "reviewer number" goes to the ether, and the person below them moves up a number, so to speak.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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    2 Nov, 2016 05:39pm

    Curious. I just tried re-numbering reviewers, using the "multiple choice" control alongside the reviewer names, and I couldn't get the changes to be saved. The "Save" button at the bottom of this display is greyed out. I tried this in both Safari and Google Chrome. Eventually I gave up and used the reviewer numbers assigned by the system.  It would be nice for this to be fixed.

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