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Set reviewer due date upon invitation

Currently, the due date for a reviewer is always calculated as the default number (as per task configuration) from the date they accept the invitation. Amendments to the due date are only possible AFTER the reviewer has accepted, by which time they will already have received the automatic "agreed" response e-mail with the default due date. It would be helpful if editors had the option to select a due date before/upon inviting a reviewer. Editors have requested this functionality: "I'd like to be able to manually set the reviewer deadline BEFORE the original invitation is sent out, e.g. also to allow a tighter deadline than usual, rather than only allowing an extension after the fact. You see, there are sometimes circumstances where we want to expedite a review from the start, in which case it is not helpful for the reviewer to see the standard deadline first." This could be done in the same way as for author invitation where you can have the option of either using a specific due date which can be entered during stub creation, or using a "rolling" due date which is calculated from the day of the invitation being accepted. More generally, it would be nice to have the configurable option to calculate reviewer due dates from the date when the reviewer has been invited, rather than from the date when they have agreed to do the review.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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