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ScholarOne Manuscripts Ideas is a community forum for clients to engage with each other and with the ScholarOne Product team around ways to improve the platform experience. Ideas submitted in this forum are useful in surfacing themes and items of critical importance to our users, prioritizing roadmap initiatives, and fine-tuning feature development.

Reviewer Locator: Automatically Exclude Reviewers from the Authors' Insitutions

Feedback from one of our editors piloting the Reviewer Locator functionality: it will be useful if the tool automatically excluded reviewers from the authors' institutions - if it is only one university that the authors are from it is easy for me to spot and I can decide on reviewers suitability. But if the authors are from multiple institutions and if the names are not easy to spell it takes a while to verify that the suggested reviewers are ok to invite.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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    Sven Molter commented
    29 May, 2020 01:49pm


    This is an interesting idea and can certainly see the value of the suggestion. Institutions can be broken down into locations, schools, and sub departments. To which level would you suggest excluding reviewers from?

    Appreciate your input as always!


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