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Recalculate reviewer reminders when an extension is granted

I discussed this at the user's conference but wanted to log it officially. We have a lot of reviewers who receive the reminder notice that their review is due in 7 days and immediately contact us for an extension. We extend the date, but the reminder letters still go out on the original schedule because they are already queued up. I know we can edit the reminder dates (which we will have to do) but seems like we shouldn't need to. Letters are set for +7, +10, etc. So when there's an extension to a due date, it seems you should clear the queue and refresh it based on the new date. While we can edit reminder dates to the author, we can't edit things like notification to AE that the reviewer is overdue.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
  • In Review
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