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Warning when adding referee that has already declined

I think that it would be a very good idea if there was a warning when you have selected a referee from a search result that has already declined to review the manuscript. Currently, you are allowed to re-add them and then re-invite them without any warnings. If you do not remember that you have already invited this referee it means that a referee that does not want to review the manuscript is invited twice .
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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  • Admin
    Sven Molter commented
    15 May, 2020 11:41am

    With the new "invite again" link in 4.26.2 that appears only when a reviewer declines you're able to see who has already declined. There's also a popup when clicked alerting to the fact that you're about to re invite the reviewer. We'll mark this one as resolved. Appreciate the suggestion!

  • Bora Onat commented
    18 Sep, 2019 06:24pm

    This is SOOOO important. A reviewer complained was invited 4 times, and declined each time to get invited yet again by the Associate Editor. Please correct this ASAP. Thanks. 

  • commented
    10 Oct, 2016 03:30pm

    I agree with this suggestion.  It would be helpful to have a prompt that says 'this person has already been invited, are you sure?'  By the time I have invited 7 or more reviewers I cannot hold in my head all the names and checking back and forth is open to error. 

  • commented
    4 Oct, 2016 01:25pm

    I may be mistaken, because I'm not sure if other people have different set ups than my journal, but you can see in the list of reviewers whether a person has been invited and what became of that invitation (decline, accept, auto-decline, etc.) Why would someone re-invite someone already listed that has a decline next to it? It seems like having the information listed should take care of this problem, but then again I've never had any complaints from anyone about this. These are just my observations.

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