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ScholarOne Manuscripts Ideas is a community forum for clients to engage with each other and with the ScholarOne Product team around ways to improve the platform experience. Ideas submitted in this forum are useful in surfacing themes and items of critical importance to our users, prioritizing roadmap initiatives, and fine-tuning feature development.

##DOCUMENT_ABSTRACT## tag to pull in abstract attachment (not just text from text field)

Currently, the e-mail tag ##DOCUMENT_ABSTRACT## can be used in e-mails to automatically populate with the abstract of the submission, however, this does not work if the abstract was uploaded as a file attachment rather than typed / pasted into a text box. We have quite a few journals where abstracts are regularly submitted as attachments because the formatting can't be reflected well in the text box (e.g., mathematical fomulae), and the inability to auto-attach these abstracts to e-mails is a problem for those titles. I think it would be a great improvement if the ##DOCUMENT_ABSRACT## tag also worked to pull in the abstract if it was uploaded as an attachment.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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