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I didn't think it was possible to make merging duplicates worse...

... but you found a way! It is horrific to navigate. When the duplicates open up, no useful information is immediately visible... I merge  based on the last date a user was in (merge into the most recent), and for whatever reason, you've decided that we wouldn't want that on the left when clicking through hundreds of duplicates in the list without having to scroll to the far right of the screen. And to scroll to the far right, you have to first scroll down  to get to the scroll bar, taking the duplicates out of view. AND scrolling that way means you then have to scroll back up to see the accounts, and then down to the scroll bar, and then to the far left to select the accounts to merge and the primary account, all the while hoping you remember which accounts are which. You have effectively doubled the amount of time it was taking me to do this task. Here's to allowing another 1000 duplicates build up. I know... this likely depends on the size of one's monitor... but still... it's added work. When I'm using the bottom scroll bar, I can't even see the column headers... Would you at least consider locking columns 2 (mark for merge) and 3 (primary acct) as well, so that at least some of this ridiculous amount of scrolling is avoided? And again, having a merge button in multiple areas on the screen? A floating merge button, perhaps?
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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