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Undo an accidental transfer decline without needing to rescind decision

Authors sometimes accidentally click on the 'decline transfer' button in a reject with transfer option email, sending the paper to the receiving site or change their mind about wanting to transfer. The only way to "undo" this is for the sending site to rescind the reject with transfer decision or contact S1M to get it undone. This causes confusion and means there will be a rescinded decision on record and in reports for the sending site, when there was no editorial reason to rescind the decision. Ideally, the author would be able to "undo" the decline election from their author center, (though it would not be beneficial to offer this for authors accepting transfer), possibly with a button in the author center that appears in place of the "approve"/"decline" buttons once the decline button has been clicked and an email to the author confirming the decline but offering the option to undo. Or, if this is not possible, both the sending and receiving site admins should be able to "undo" the decline without need for rescinding and resending the reject with transfer option email. There could be a queue in the sending site with all manuscripts with declined transfers and an option in the manuscript files tab similar to "unsubmit manuscript" which would give the admin the option to undo the decline and give the author the chance to wipe clean the choice or directly change the choice to accept transfer. In the receiving site, there could be a queue of all declined transfers with similar functionality, allowing the admin to take care of changing or wiping clean an accidental click made by an author. Currently, we are not even including the decline option in letters because it causes such a headache, but it would be useful to see these sort of responses as long as authors are able to change their mind later or mend an accidental click.

  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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    27 Mar, 2018 12:53pm

    Hi, we here at ScholarOne completely understand the desire for updated functionality based on the described issue. We understand undoing an accidental action can be a pain point so to that end, we've implemented a confirmation step, after they click on the email link, on our journal's sites to ensure that users truly want to take the intended action.  This should mitigate accidentally clicking on the decline transfer button.

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