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Reviewer order

I've gone back and forth with ScholarOne about this; the Reviewer order/numbering is very confusing to the editors because they are listed in different ways in various places. I understand that the "# in Decision Letter" order is based on when reviews are completed in the Original round. Our site(s) are set up so that this order should hold across Revisions--but because the order shifts around based on when reviewers Agree and/or complete their reviews, editors think that the order they see in the small "Reviews" box to the right on the Make Decision screen is the official order. It may not be, and this has them thinking that the order is changing across revisions. It would make more sense to have every Reviewer List that is visible to the editors appear in the same order. Or better yet, if I reorder the main list to match the "# in Decision Letter" from the previous round when checking in a Revision, the system should PERMANENTLY SAVE/LOCK IN that order, instead of tossing it aside when the reviewers inevitably complete their reviews in a different sequence. As it stands now, the editors believe the order is not holding across Revisions, even though the site is configured that it should. Why not have the "# in Decision Letter" be the order in the Reviews box on the Make Decision screen? That way, the editors don't have to click around to find the official order. It makes no sense to have it appear any other way on a Revision's Make Decision page.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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  • Guest commented
    30 Jan, 2022 05:06am

    Reviewers have different serial numbers in different rounds of review. This point really makes the authors confused.

  • Laura Lao commented
    30 Jan, 2022 04:21am

    The cusotmer hopes the review order in decision letter is from the order number of the reviewer in the reviewer list. So that it is eary to check Review comments to author from which reviewer.

  • Guest commented
    26 Apr, 2019 10:47pm

    Similarly, it would be helpful for reviewers to be automatically put in order of Reviewer # when the reviews are populated in the decision letter (for revisions), rather than the order the review was submitted.

  • commented
    10 Sep, 2018 02:35pm

    We've had several requests from JACS editors for this as well.

  • commented
    4 Oct, 2016 01:31pm

    In addition, the reviewer's assigned number should DISPLAY WITH THEIR NAME. This would help avoid confusion. Our editors refer to editors in the order their names appear (which may or may not correspond to their actual reviewer number).  In the decision letter they may tell an author to pay special attention to reviewer 1's comments (meaning the first review they see listed), when in fact it is the comments of reviewer 2 that are of special importance.  DISPLAYING THE REVIEWER NUMBER WITH THE NAME can help prevent this.

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