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Awaiting AE Assignment: Displaying more helpful AE stats

I have received multiple requests from Editors to configure more useful "go-to" stats for AEs in the dropdown menu during the "Awaiting AE Assigmnent" task; however I've been told this is a hard-programmed, noncustomizable number and would need to be a systemwide change. Currently, the number shown in the AE dropdown menu only reflects the AE?s current active task(s), which, in ScholarOne terms, means only what a given AE has in his/her ?Awaiting AE Recommendation? queue ?  this is a very limited construal of the AE's workload and is not very helpful to the Editors because it does not show the total current assignments an AE has coming down the pike (i.e., papers that require the AE's immediate action and those elsewhere in the review process will require recommendation in the coming days/weeks). It would be very helpful to display total "live" assigments and a selection of recently history (e.g., last 6 or 12 months) in the dropdown menu during AE Assigment. This information all seems to be availble elsewhere in the system, so it would be great if you could figure out a way to pull this into the AE assignment dropdown menu. **This is especially critical for journals with multiple co-editors, who are all assigning AEs and drawing from the same pool of people.** So rather that displaying: AE Name    (Awaiting AE Recommendation) AE_a                     (2) AE_b                     (0) Etc..... We would love to see some that looks more like this: AE Name     (Current Assigments)*     (last 6-12 months)  AE_a                    (1)                                 (4) AE_b                    (2)                                 (2) Etc........ ------------------------------------- *where ? current assignments? = total current assignments (not just what is currently in the AE Recommendation queue) Thanks!
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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