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ScholarOne Manuscripts Ideas is a community forum for clients to engage with each other and with the ScholarOne Product team around ways to improve the platform experience. Ideas submitted in this forum are useful in surfacing themes and items of critical importance to our users, prioritizing roadmap initiatives, and fine-tuning feature development.

Reassigning editorial responsibility

S1M allows editorial responsibility to be reassigned while a paper is in review.  That's a handy feature in the event something happens to prevent an editor from continuing with a paper.  I our situation, we use this to address those situations in which the editor is also an author of a paper - we can reassign the paper to a backup editor to avoid a potential conflict of interest.  And unfortunately, we also occasionally have to use this when an editor fails to perform as expected and must be 'fired'. However, the editorial reassignment function appears to only work while the paper is in review.  If a decision has been recorded, even a 'revise and resubmit' decision, it does not appear possible to reassign editorial responsibility until the paper has been resubmitted.  That's unfortunate because it means that an additonal step is required when that paper is eventually resubmitted - someone must recall that there was a desired to reassign editorial responsibility, and then do the reassignment.  It would be more convenient if there were a way to force an editorial reassignment at any time between submission and final decision.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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