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Editing Author-Supplied Data more time-consuming with 4.17 release. Please fix.

By forcing us over to the Author Center to edit Author-Supplied Data in the 4.17 release, the task of updating/editing information is now more time-consuming and requires more navigation and clicks than it did before.  I'm afraid I don't see the benefit to this trade-off. Previously, an admin would click "Edit Information" on the MS Info page, the screen would refresh, you would edit the info from right there on that screen, click "Save," screen would refresh again, and you were done. Now, you click "Edit Information," and you are brought over to the final "Review and Submit" page in the author's Author Center. You then have to navigate to the page that has the info you want to change (ex., select "Type, Title, and Abstract" to change a title, select "Authors and Institutions" to change authors, etc), wait for your screen to refresh, scroll to find to the exact spot you need to edit on the new screen, finally edit it, and then click "Save and Return" to go back to the Admin view. At least one click has been added, the screens seem to load slower, too. Please go back to the way it worked prior to the 4.17 release, or consider a way to streamline this process.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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