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No new account registration with an email address registered with an email address that is registered as primary CC, Secondary, and Secondary CC email address in other accounts.

Currently, it is possible to register a new account using an email address registered in the Primary CC, Secondary, and Secondary CC other than the Primary Email Address of the user account. However, we would like ScholarOne Manuscripts System to have a control so that new accounts cannot be created using these email addresses.

The reason for this is that we received a report from journal editorial offices as follows: The existence of multiple accounts causes confusion, for example, when requesting peer review. Therefore, Journal Editorial Offices are in the process of integrating user accounts. However, new accounts are created with those email addresses, even though they are already registered as CC or Secondary email. New accounts are sometimes created by users themselves without being aware or forget that they have been registered as a CC account, or an account is registered by someone other than the author self. It is also difficult for the editorial office to immediately recognize that a primary email address has been registered as a CC in other account, making it difficult for the editorial office to manage the account. Also users themselves, it is confusing when they receive system emails, because which account's is targeted.

  • Teamjeeo
  • May 19 2022
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