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Allow Editors to Select Which Reviewers To Invite Simultaneously

Currenlty, ScholarOne only has 2 options for inviting reviewers on the Reviewer List, one at a time or all of them. In cases where a reviewer who declined or was non-responsive is re-added to the Reviewer List in error, editors have to choose between spending extra time inviting each new reviewer or spam previously declined reviewers via the "Invite All" option.

It would be very helpful to editors in terms of saving time and not spamming reviewers if editors could select multiple specific reviewers to simultaneously invite.

  • Rebecca Hytowitz
  • May 18 2022
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  • Ritika Gupta commented
    19 May 04:15am

    Can there be checkboxes beneath the numbers in the reviewers list so that only those reviewers will be invited those are checked by AE or admin.