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E-mail tag for "universal" direct link to manuscript

Currently, there are a few e-mail tags that allow users to go to a manuscript directly from the e-mail, some without having to log in to the system (for authors and reviewers) and some that require login but then take you straight to the manuscript in question (for editors). However, these only work for specific situations (submitting a revision, an invited paper or a review; selecting/inviting/ assigning reviewers or making a recommendation/decision). It would be great if there could be just one e-mail tag (##DIRECT_LINK## or similar) that always creates a direct link to the manuscript, regardless of where it is in the workflow, and which takes the user straight to the task that is currently active, if they have permission to perform it (otherwise it would just take them to a view of the paper without the action tab - again, only if they do have access to the paper according to their role permissions). Whether or not a login is required should depend on the type of user accessing the manuscript, just like it is now: Authors and reviewers do not have to log in, editors and admins do. This would save a lot of time navigating the system - when anyone gets an alert from the system, the direct link would take them straight to where they need to be without having to search for the paper once they're logged in.
  • Sven Molter
  • Sep 29 2016
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