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Format of suggested reviewers

I work for Cancer Investigation on the Editorial Team. I invite reviewers that are suggested by the system. I have a couple requests, if that's allowed. I had to provide a particular manuscript number for this request, but it relates to all manuscripts. Is it possible to change that page so that the option to go through the usual 3 pages of suggested reviewers (1-10, 11-20, 21-30) would be at the top of the list of reviewers, rather than the bottom? Also, when I select reviewers and go through the process of clicking on one, getting the screens to confirm that's the one I want and invite them to review the manuscript, it often puts me back on the first page of options, even if I've gone to the second or third page of recommended reviewers. Can that be made to stay on the page I was working on? I hope my request is understandable, and I appreciate your time and attention to these requests.

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  • Nov 22 2021
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