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It is necessary to consult the date of registration of the user in the system and the date of assignment of roles in ScholarOne, for consultation by the admin.

Journals need to consult, for example, since the date the reviewer is registered with the journal. Today this date is only possible if the admin manually enters the "Start Date". When searching and finding an account in the system, clicking on the option "_Details_" (magnifying glass), it is possible to check the history of the last five changes in the account by looking at the field "_Last Five Account Audits_".

As for the date of assignment of roles, there is a problem: when searching and finding an account in the system, then clicking on the option "_Edit User_" (pencil), it will be possible to consult the roles assigned in the option "_Roles __& Permissions_", but it will only be possible to query the actual assignment date if the "_Start Date_" field has been filled in when assigning that role.

  • Oct 22 2021
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