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Invited Submissions: When author submits NOT using their invitation stub, please make it easier to merge/capture the invited status somehow

I work on a title that uses many invited submissions. Sometimes authors do not realize there is a pre-existing stub they are supposed to submit on, and they start a new submission. This new submission lacks the tracking number and the "Invited" designation next to the MS ID.

Currently there is no way to address this except to either unsubmit and tell the author to use the stub (causing them to have to re-do their entire submission) or for the admin to manually copy everything over to the stub and submit on the author's behalf, which is time-consuming. If the independent submission gets even further into the process it is harder to address.

Can there be (or is there a way I don't know of?) a method by which the stub and the author's independent submission could be merged, or the information transferred into the Version History, or some other way to easily transfer information/combine the entries?

  • Mary C
  • Aug 24 2021
  • Open
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