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Make the Invited Papers workflow and manuscript stub creation more intuitive and easy to do

Our editors are not finding the Invited Papers process intuitive, and in many cases they will just proxy as authors instead of trying to figure out this workflow.

Here are the barriers to new users, and my suggestions to improve:

1. Editor: I'm uncertain how to initiate the process - "manuscript stub" is an unfamiliar term.

  • Suggestion: Where the Admin Tasks says "GO Create a manuscript stub, change "stub" to say "invitation".

The layout of the next page is confusing. Editors just want to add the submission details and invite potential authors.

2. Editor: What does the "Active" status do? Am I in the right place?

  • Suggestion: Active/inactive/on hold doesn't seem important at this stage, so it probably shouldn't be front and center on the first screen - move it to the bottom and add some information to the page about what it's used for.

3. Editor: I can't invite authors before I've added any information about the manuscript I want them to write.

  • Suggestion: Move the two "potential authors" sections below the "Add Stub Submission Details" button - THIS button should be front and center.

4. Editor: Again, I don't know what a stub is!

  • Suggestion: Change "Add Stub Submission Details" to just "Add Submission Details" with additional instructions below it: "Click here to add submission details and specify which information the invited author can change."

5. Editor: What does "Commit Stub" mean? What am I committing to here?

  • Change the two "Commit Stub" buttons to three:

    1. "Save and Go to Author Selection and Invitation"

    2. "Save and Create Another"

    3. "Cancel and Delete."

I think if you make these changes, the Invited Papers function will get a lot more use. The current design is a major hurdle for Book Reviews in particular, which can be done much more easily outside of ScholarOne.

(PS, Why are so many of the buttons images? They would be so easy to recreate with HTML, and then changing the button labels in the future (and in different languages) would be a breeze.)

  • Amber Dilabbio
  • Jul 14 2021
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