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Add more options of filters for broadcast emails

When trying to send broadcast emails to all the users, the system crashes because there are too many recipients. Therefore, I would like to propose to add more filters such as "Authors who have never submitted" or options that can exclude certain group of people.

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  • Jun 17 2021
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  • lewis hamilton commented
    7 Sep, 2021 09:33am

    Use any existing report that currently contains the desired recipients

    Keep one report designated as an email “filtering” report and then edit this report as a first

    step to sending an email, as follows:

    a. First time through: on the [Enrollment] tab, click on the [Reports] icon, then the

    [Shared] report directory and locate the [Email Filter - Standard Report] (under the

    [State] folder), click on [Memorize Report] to create a copy in your [Custom] report


    b. Subsquent times through: on the [Enrollment] tab, click on the [Reports] icon, then

    the [Custom] report directory and locate your copy of the Email filter report.

    c. Click on [Edit Report]

    d. Click on [Standard Filters] and/or [Data & Format Options] to create a report that

    contains the desired members (Youth, Volunteers and/or Contacts) for your email.

    e. Click on [Save] before leaving any screen.

    f. Click on [View Report] to ensure that the filters are correctly set.