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Please curtail the author option to delete all manuscript data from the system (including the ID)

Hi, I am sending this idea at the suggestion of S1 Support. Please consider curtailing the complete deletion of MSS IDs and all associated submission data when authors opt to delete their submission from their end. We have had an increasing problem of authors submitting suspicious papers and then deleting the entire submission when questioned if their manuscript is unsubmitted. Once deleted it is not even possible to search up and find the manuscript ID on the system - everything is removed.

Though it is understandable that authors need to be allowed to delete their files if they do not wish to proceed with their submission, it seems drastic to delete any trace the submission ever existed on the system.

After confirming with S1 Support that these deleted manuscripts are no longer counted toward the results that trigger the Unusual Activity Tool ("Multiple submissions from the same computer" warnings especially) this need is even more pressing in the fight against paper mills.


  • Julie Svalastog
  • Jun 16 2021
  • Open
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