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Revised version reviewers

When a revised paper is submitted, the names of the reviewers of the previous round of review appear in the workspace for the Editor to invite them. This is good, but if possible not the names of the reviewers who had accepted the paper in the previous round of review to appear for invitation. So, if the previous round of review had three reviewers and one of them had recommended acceptance, that reviewer will not appear in the Editor’s workspace, and also the minimum number of required reviews would be changed from 3 to 2, automatically. If a reviewer had recommended anything other than “Accept” but had indicated that he/she does not want to review the revised version, it would be marked next to that reviewer’s name in the Editor’s workspace so that the AE invites another reviewer, accordingly.

If the above changes are not possible, add the rating of each reviewer in the previous round of review along with something that indicates whether or not the reviewer had agreed to review the revised paper can be shown on the system so that the Editor does not have to go back to the previous reports to find out about this info.

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  • May 27 2021
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