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Prevent form tracking task from being abandoned by pressing browser "back" button or opening multiple browser tabs

Forms that require review by the administrator are occasionally missing from the Manuscript Details tab. The audit trail shows that the form tracking task has been abandoned by the editor, but the editor does not have access to the forms. Customer Care has indicated that this problem results from the editor pressing the "back" button in his browser or working in multiple browser tabs. It can also occur if the editor makes a decision before the forms are approved.

Editors' unrelated actions in the web browser should not result in the loss of essential records, especially when the editors do not have access to those records. Implementing a fix that preserves the form tracking task regardless of the editors' actions would benefit both the journal administrator and the Customer Care team: it would eliminate the inconvenience experienced by the journal administrator, who is unable to access essential records that must be reviewed before an article can be published, as well as the time taken by the Customer Care team to address the resulting customer service cases.

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  • May 20 2021
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