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Display Warning Message When Non-Task Performer Access to Editors' Task Pages

It would be helpful if S1 can display warning messages (sounds) when non-task performer access to the editor's task page.

The system will save the decision and comments from the person that last left that task. One of our journals experienced that editor/ EIC's comments were disappeared and the cause was that non-task performer such as an administrator accessed to an editor's task page at the same time that editor was working in the page. The editor saved the comments and left the page before the administrator left the page.

The Editor will be the person that needs to complete either the Recommendation or decision task (EIC, DEIC, AE). Administrator (EO) is able to access these tasks but should not be the person completing the tasks, and they must not stay on the page for very long. If the person who is not the actual task performer stays on the editor’s task page after the editor has saved his decision and comments and left, the task page will update and the editor’s decision and comments will disappear. We learned that it is important that only the actual task performer (assigned editor) should access this task page. Now we pay attention not to access to the editor's task page. However sometime an administrator role need to access or accidentally access to the page. If there is an warning system, it is helpful.

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  • Apr 28 2021
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