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Report to Calculate Days to Revise

At present, the report field in S1 consists of 'Submission Date' and 'Decision Date' fields only. To calculate the time taken by the authors to submit revision for each version of the manuscript, there are no fields in S1 reports. Perhaps, a filed like 'Revision Date Submitted' / 'Days to Revise' can be included in reports option.

When we apply filter on decision date, it shows only the current version but the time taken by the author to submit that version is excluded because of the filter.

It would be helpful for journals to have a standard report where we can calculate the time taken to submit revised manuscript after each revision decision in S1 journals.

  • Abdul Hakkim
  • Mar 7 2021
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  • Margaret Searle commented
    17 Jun, 2021 09:32am

    If you have created the report yourself, select Decison Date, hold down CTRL, and select Submission Date - Original. Click on the calculate button. Select operation 'Difference in days' from the drop donw menu and and apply the new item name 'Average Days'. Hope this helps.

    Margaret Searle

  • Melissa Christopher commented
    21 May, 2021 11:21am

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