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Reviewer Discussion

I have a number of EiCs who want their AEs to have the ability to start a reviewer discussion. Reviewer names would need to remain blinded. I believe this feature is available in Editorial Manager.

  • Laura Lander
  • Feb 18 2021
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  • Melanie Tory commented
    16 Nov, 2021 01:23pm

    I agree with Petra. It's really hard as an AE to know how to calibrate across reviews that range from reject to accept. Discussion would help bring them to some consensus.

  • Petra Isenberg commented
    16 Nov, 2021 01:11pm
    As an AE I find this feature extremely important. On numerous papers I have reviews on the full spectrum from accept/minor revision to reject. I have no way to calibrate the reviewers and the discussion feature would be the way to do it. I expect that this might also lead to more reviewer acceptance of the final decision and a higher acceptance to review the next revision. So - this would make my life a lot easier! The PCS submission system does this well, if an example is needed.