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Review section-response link name and placement confusing

In Review section, for a manuscript in the Details tab, at bottom of page there is a line that says "Response" and then a link that says "Author's response for JVIM-20-318." The ID will change depending on what journal is using S1M.

It is confusing because the response is really for the next revision, the R1, yet it looks like the response is for the original submission because it is placed under the original ID and doesn’t have the R1 appended which would look like "JVIM-20-318.R1."

The placement of the author response should be at the top of the page before any manuscript IDs to avoid confusing reviewers. Reviewers believe this response is for a previous version, not the current version due to placement and link name. The reviewers then contact the editorial office asking for the author response saying the site is broken. This adds more work to the editorial office .

  • Dec 15 2020
  • Open