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Sending ad-hoc email alerts for individual manuscripts to admin/editorial office

It would be useful to be able to set a simple ad-hoc email reminder, related to a specific manuscript, to be sent from ScholarOne to the admin or editorial office.

Examples for when an alert email could be useful:

You have reassigned an overdue paper and want to check in on it in a week to see if the new editor has started processing it.

You have reminded an editor to complete an overdue action and want to check that they have followed up.

You have given authors of an unsubmitted paper a 10 day deadline to resubmit and want to ensure they have done so.


Set an alert on the manuscript to go off in # days. The alert email can be generic, simply stating that an alert has been set for this manuscript + MS ID, and you can check notes/audit trail once logged in.

Such an option would make it easier to tailor individual manuscript follow-ups to your needs, make sure things are not forgotten/not followed up on, and spare any hassle of keeping track of items and actions elsewhere.

  • Julie Svalastog
  • Aug 26 2020
  • Open
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