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ScholarOne Manuscripts Ideas is a community forum for clients to engage with each other and with the ScholarOne Product team around ways to improve the platform experience. Ideas submitted in this forum are useful in surfacing themes and items of critical importance to our users, prioritizing roadmap initiatives, and fine-tuning feature development.

Allow more space for First Look requests to authors

Please allow for more text to be entered into the First Look request field. [attachment: "First Look field"]

Currently there is a fixed limit for the number of characters allowed in the field for First Look requests to the author. This limit (1,024 characters) is almost never enough for the requests I need to send to authors. [attachment: "1024 limit"]

This requires that 1) I have to remove text from the field in order to initiate the task and 2) I have to remember to paste that text back into the email that goes to the author.

Further, the field that the authors see (Step 1 - Instruction & Reference Preview) only pulls in what was entered into the First Look field, not what was in the e-mail. So, the author has two different records of my requests: one in the email and one in their Author Center view. [attachment: "special instructions"]

Finally, it would be nice if the formatting (spacing / hard returns) entered into the First Look field could be retained in the author's view. Instead of a list it becomes a paragraph. [attachment: "special instructions"]

  • Jun 9 2020
  • Open
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