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More Refined Reporting on Transfers

As many publishers and journals rely increasingly on transfer functionality, the Cognos system needs to be able to report more clearly on journal transfer and referral statistics. 


1) Cognos only captures the "transferred" status on R0 of the manuscript, meaning we need several arduous workarounds to answer the question "how many papers transferred from journal X received an accept/reject decision from our journal?" We need a way to easily captured the "transferred in" status so that it applies to ALL versions of a manuscript being reported on.


2) The "Transferring Journal Name" and "Receiving Journal Name" fields cause confusion because both fields pull in manuscripts going in and out of the journal. You cannot always tell from looking at the Cognos report where the manuscript originated and where it landed (unless you use workarounds). Is there a way to make this clearer?


3) Referrals: we need a more straightforward way to report on the transfer option (or options, with author choice being rolled out) that is offered to the author, regardless of whether the author accepts or declines the transfer offer. 

  • Mary C
  • Feb 6 2020
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  • Simone Larche commented
    8 Mar, 2021 02:39pm

    Hear hear. It would be good not have to build our own reports on all those journals that have transfers. Could there not be some standard reports for journals that show as standard;

    • Previous Ms ID,

    • Previous Journal,

    • Current Ms ID,

    • Current Journal,

    • Date transfer offered (on previous journal)

    • Author accept/decline of offer

    • Transfer date,

    • Time to agree (ie from date of decision to agreeing),

    • Time to transfer (ie from date of decision to ms back in the admin checklist of the new journal),

    • Current status,

    • Final disposition on the current journal (so we can see what eventually happened to the paper),

    • Time from final decision on previous journal to first decision on current journal.

    • Time from final decision on previous journal to final decision on current journal.