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Reporting Turnaround times - back out time manuscripts spend with authors for revision from the 'Days to Final Decision' number

We have had several of our EICs request data on time from original submission to final decision but without the time that the papers spend in revision with the authors. The EICs don't like that they're being 'graded' on total time from original submission to final decision when much of that time is spent with the authors during each revision cycle.

I would suggest that S1 add an option in the Manuscript Status and Peer Review Detail Reports that allows one to run the days from orig. subm. to final decision by manuscript with an added filter of eliminating days each version of a paper spends with the authors during revision, to get that days to final decision number. And the report needs to be able to be segmented by Editor during a specific "decision date"-based time range.

  • Stephanie Dean
  • May 31 2019
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