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link to a Ringgold help-site during account creation to assist authors

A link near the Institution Field that display a link to a Ringgold help-site where they could link out to a page allowing the user to ask Ringgold what the correct way to display their institution name is if it is already registered, or suggest the job role within their institution who would be best placed to register the institution.I understand that Ringgold is not the same company as ScholarOne, but ScholarOne could provide a link and liaise with Ringgold so that an appropriate page could be chosen as a help point for information. It would need to be clear that the publisher and ScholarOne are not responsible for creating registrations and direct users appropriately.


Benefit: Reduced author and reviewer frustration when creating new user accounts, increased accuracy of searches and reporting.

  • outsidethebox
  • Apr 26 2019
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