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Once the required number of reviewers have been secured, the system should close out all open invitatations and send a notification.

EVERYONE would benefit from this efficiency.

Currently, the only available alternative to manual invitations is auto-promote.  Auto-promote requires a reviewer to decline before another is invited.  With so many bad or old email addresses in long standing sites and so many busy reviewers failing to respond to invitations, auto-promote has limited value.  This feature would allow admins and editors to send a fair number of invitations up front, and once the required number had been secured, the system could close out the open invitations and send an email to all of those who had been invited, but had not yet responded to tell them they are no longer needed for this paper.

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  • Apr 5 2019
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  • Sandy Lahn commented
    8 May, 2019 02:21am

    Closing out all open invitations automatically would not work for us. Sometimes, depending on the reviewer's submissions, an additional review or two is needed.