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Undo "recommendation or decision" checklist

Currently, when an Editor, after receiving the required referee reports, selects between "Decision" and "Recommendation", then there is no way to undo the choice in case of mistake. "Decision" allows to select between "Minor revision" and "Major revision" , while  "Recommendation" allows to select netween "Accept", "Reject", etc.  Sometimes the Editor selects "Decision" or "Recommendation" by mistake and needs to go back.

There is a workaround to go back, i.e. to increase the number of required reviews (in order to force the status back to  "Invite reviewers") and then to decrease again the number of required reviews (in order to force the status to "Recommendation or Decision Checklist"), but of course this is not intuitive and the Editors often forget about it and complain about the lack of the "Back" button.

It would be very useful if the "Back" or "Undo" button could be added.

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  • Mar 28 2019
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