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To make authors aware of data protection requirements for images/videos with a popup on submission

In order to follow data protection ruling for images and videos in our journals, we find ourselves unsubmitting a large number of manuscripts and requesting that authors provide new material as there is forbidden or unidentifiable data included. Despite measures we have taken to "educate" our authors, this problem persists (instructions for authors, direction during submission process). As this is causing a lot of work, we would like to draw the requirements to the authors' attention in a more prominent fashion during the submission process.

We would suggest having a popup appearing as soon as an author clicks on the "Start New Submission" link. Below the information that we are including in our journal instructions. Such a text could be used in the popup:

"Caution! All personal data relating to patient and/or examination (e.g. date, time, place, patient name, patient birth date, unique ID, examiner name or ID) must be removed from images and videos before submission. Findings/diagnoses and markings such as arrows are allowed.  If your image or video contains technical parameters, please make sure that they consist only of complete, recognizable data that are essential for understanding the image. All images and videos displaying unexplained letters or numbers will be rejected."

  • Hilary Hamilton-Gibbs
  • Jan 16 2019
  • Open
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