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Mass 'Select Author'

We use ScholarOne for a large number of multi-contributor books. Very often, we are supplied the stub list with an author already in place for invitation (either as the sole invitee or someone who has already externally agreed to author the manuscript). These lists are often hundreds of articles with an author in place to invite.

We can do a Mass Create stub to get all of these into ScholarOne and can then eventually do a Mass Invite to send out the invitations, but there is a missing step in between - before we can do the Mass Invitation, we have to go through the hundreds of stubs and move the proposed author to the author list. This is very time consuming and it would be much quicker if we had the ability to mass move the first name in the Potential Authors lists to the Author list. Or, alternatively, if the first 'Proposed Author' on a mass stub upload appeared in the Author List.

Essentially, it would save a lot of time for us if we could do Mass Create Stub > Mass Select Author > Mass Invitation.

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  • Jan 14 2019
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