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Submission of figures

As authors are often unclear on the distinction between a figure file name, the figure legend, the figure title and the figure caption, separate boxes should be used in the submission process to ask for these things.  This would help prompt authors to think more clearly about the differences between these four items during the submission process.

  • Robert Michel
  • Dec 17 2018
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  • Robert Michel commented
    17 Dec, 2018 09:19pm

    Its my view that many authors are unclear on the distinction between a figure title, caption and legend, and the ScholarOne system asks only for a file name for a figure and a "figure/caption".   This results in authors often putting the title of the figure in the file name and a confusing babble in the "figure/caption" box.  I suggest that when a figure is submitted that there are boxes for "file name", "figure legend", "figure title", and "figure caption".  Having these three functions specifically separated in the submission process would help authors think more clearly about the difference between these four things.  When a .pdf is created, that output for a particular figure should show the file name of the figure say above the figure while the legend should show up below the figure, followed by the figure title and caption.  Wherever these things show up in the pdf output,  the input should specifically separate these quite distinct functions.