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Un-Selecting Reviewers that have Already Been Invited

Often times I have manuscripts that require me to invite dozens of reviewers (my top score is 90). Unfortunately, I will occasionally select a reviewer that was already invited, but didn't notice until I had already selected them. I was wondering if there was a way to make me aware that the reviewer was already invited before in the manuscript. A simple "are you sure you want to select this reviewer again?" I understand the necessity of being able to select and invite a reviewer that was already invited to the manuscript, but I was hoping there was a way to un-select someone without completely removing them from the Reviewer List.

It would also help with the workflow of the manuscript. For example, if I leave the reviewer selected the manuscript will remain in the "Invite Reviewers" stage, which can be confusing at times when I have a lot of manuscripts to work on. In the past I have sent their invitation email to myself, mark their original decision again, then send the corresponding email to myself. I would prefer not to do this since it messes with the Audit Trail and the reviewer's response.

  • Katie Willis
  • Oct 4 2018
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