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Long-Standing Papers Queue

It was recently brought to our attention that the "Long-Standing Papers Queue" which allows the Admin/EiC to view the oldest papers in review (based on a configurable threshold), will no longer be supported. This queue has been incredibly helpful for our EiCs in managing old papers. We receive consistent feedback from EiCs on the difficulty they face in managing outreach to overdue Editors. They do not want to rely on reports or click in and out of several different queues within the interface. The Long-Standing Papers Queue has been an elegant solution for many EiCs and we hope that it can continue to be supported in the future.

  • Aug 20 2018
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  • Abdul Hakkim commented
    10 Nov, 2020 05:01am

    This queue will be a go-to place where editors can identify the manuscript that needs attention. It will reduce the time spent on identifying long standing papers for the editors.

  • Lindsey Mathews commented
    8 Nov, 2020 11:26pm

    This is am important feature for keeping an eye on overdue papers at a glance. Please support this feature indefinitely; asking Editors to read more reports is NOT an equivalent solution.

  • Sarah Fewkes commented
    6 Nov, 2020 04:27pm

    Agreed! This is a massively useful feature which, in my experience, EiCs respond well to. Would be a real shame for this to go away.

  • Emily Mitic commented
    6 Nov, 2020 03:38pm

    Completely agree - it really helps us to identify papers that need extra attention and keep the journal site in good shape

  • Hannah Wakley commented
    6 Nov, 2020 02:45pm

    I agree with everything said above - this is such a useful queue and will be a real loss if we cannot add it to sites any more! It helps Editors to prioritise manuscripts that have been in the system for a long time and works better than any reports because it is always there in front of them.