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Validate against secondary emails in user accounts before creating a new primary account

This would be a great way to minimize the amount of duplicate accounts.

When employing User Search, the search results manage to give a user account even if the email ( used for the search is being used as a secondary email and not the primary email. However, when authors try to add "" as a co-author or when AEs try to use it to invite a reviewer, the system doesn't find the account where it is being used as a secondary email. Instead, it seems to create a new account where "" is the login id and primary email.

There are many users who prefer to use their personal emails for as their login id and primary contact in their MC account. However, authors and AEs tend to use their academic email when adding them, leading to duplicate accounts. Thus, validating against secondary emails would help really help.

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  • Jul 25 2018
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